13:27 Changeset [7daeab9]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Remove unused variable
13:27 Changeset [ca1272c]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Better diagnostics
13:26 Changeset [503a58c]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
More verbose error messages
13:26 Changeset [049e277]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Change the IP header definition


14:16 Changeset [988e253]developgetfragoffhelp by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
* Clarified that trace_get_*_length functions return a value in bytes, …


18:50 Changeset [d4a6783]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Fix a bug where we were writing the contents of link(2) to the file, …
18:37 Changeset [0918198]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Removed protocols.c and create protocols_*.c files
18:36 Changeset [a07a0ec]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
These protocols no longer need to be exported
18:36 Changeset [8b98289]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
pflog is a pktmeta header
18:35 Changeset [75453c2]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Fix byte ordering issue


23:37 Changeset [e696e87]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Fix byteorder issues with ip struct
23:13 Changeset [a81d2fc]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Split the protocol API's up into seperate files
16:05 Changeset [3a14f3b]developgetfragoffhelp by Scott Raynel <smr26@…>
Allow libtrace applications to create filters based on pre-compiled BPF …


22:32 Changeset [4c1302b]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
add missing cisco hdlc type
16:51 Changeset [dd06159]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Add support for cisco hdlc over pos
14:08 Changeset [394706e]developgetfragoffhelp by Scott Raynel <smr26@…>
Support for in-kernel BPF processing for the linux native capture format. …


16:50 Ticket #258 (segfault) closed by perry
16:46 Changeset [9e6b38b]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Don't try and deinitialise traces that don't support writing
16:35 Changeset [52cc59f]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Don't crash when destroying an output trace that failed to initialise
15:47 Ticket #258 (segfault) created by richardn@…
Tracesplit shouldn't segfault if it can't write out a format tracesplit …
15:44 Ticket #257 (Abilene 1 DLT support) created by richardn@…
need to add support for the ppp dlt used in the Abilene 1 traceset from …


20:23 FilterExpressions edited by perry
Add examples from the tcpdump manpage (diff)
20:19 UserDocumentation edited by perry
fix layout (diff)
18:49 FilterExpressions edited by perry
Fix markup (diff)
18:48 FilterExpressions created by perry
Add some DNS related tcpdump filter expressions
18:46 UserDocumentation edited by perry
Add filter expressions link (diff)


16:37 SupportedHeaders created by perry
Describe the protocols supported by libtrace
15:58 UserDocumentation edited by perry


15:35 Changeset [0aae8f4]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Migrate libpacketdump to the new API
12:03 Changeset [e3a9eb5]developgetfragoffhelp by Scott Raynel <smr26@…>
Fix up doxygen comments for the new API
11:53 Changeset [fbc4342]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Port tools over to using the new api's
01:07 Changeset [9bc4689]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Move everything over to using the newer API's


23:52 Changeset [180f095]developgetfragoffhelp by Scott Raynel <smr26@…>
* Deprecate the use of trace_get_link() * Replace trace_get_link() with …
23:17 Ticket #256 (Start to clean up API around trace_get_link(), etc.) created by smr26
This patch is a start towards deprecating the trace_get_link() function. …
20:51 Changeset [e8a6c52]developgetfragoffhelp by Scott Raynel <smr26@…>
Internal changes to trace_get_source_mac(). Now deals with Linux SLL …
19:54 WikiStart edited by perry
17:46 Changeset [3512119]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Define the bpf constructor if it's available
17:46 Changeset [57f7965]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Update bpf format to deal with the renaming of metadata frequency option
17:00 Changeset [ed7e106]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Remove the wag tests
16:50 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by spa1
Added some comments about DAG 2.4 vs DAG 2.5+ (diff)
16:43 SupportedTraceFormats edited by spa1
Updated list of supported formats, removing WAG formats, and adding TSH, … (diff)
16:34 ChangeLog edited by perry
add missing wag.h changes (diff)
16:34 Changeset [6399a90]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Remove wag.h dependences
16:33 Ticket #255 (Ensure DUCK code works properly with DAG 3.X drivers) created by spa1
I've updated and tested format_dag_25 for regular DAG capture using the …
16:26 ChangeLog edited by perry
deprecate wag/wtf (diff)
16:26 Changeset [a5908d2]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Deprecate wtf/wag
15:27 ChangeLog edited by perry
Add documentation for the 3.0.3 changelog (diff)
14:08 Changeset [39aa3c7]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Correct direction report (how embarrassing!)
13:50 Changeset [34e22d1]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Allow setting different interfaces_per_input
13:00 SupportedTraceFormats edited by perry
Document limitations and benefits of all the various format types (diff)
12:55 SupportedTraceFormats edited by perry
11:44 Ticket #253 (trace_get_source_mac returns destination_mac) closed by smr26
fixed: I've committed my patch in r1259. We return NULL if there is no sender …
11:41 Changeset [1708aa8]developgetfragoffhelp by Scott Raynel <smr26@…>
Fix trace_get_source_mac() for wireless frames. Returns NULL if the frame …
11:28 Changeset [27bd348]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Fix bug in direction setting
11:26 Changeset [1008250]developgetfragoffhelp by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
* Add support for PACKET_LOOPBACK as "outgoing" not "incoming" * Add …
11:26 Changeset [9c6005f]developgetfragoffhelp by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
tracepktdump now outputs the libtrace direction value for each packet
10:18 Changeset [5798dc6]developgetfragoffhelp by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
* Changed DAG 2.5 code to force it to call dag_advance_stream if it has …


16:50 Changeset [52656ed]developgetfragoffhelp by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
* Updated autotools to detect DAG 3.X drivers. The new detection method …
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