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CRCnet Configuration System

The CRCnet Configuration System is a project to build a flexible, full featured configuration system tailored to a rural wireless network. The ultimate aim of the configuration system, is to reduce the administrative overhead to a level where the day to day maintenance of the network can be performed by moderately skilled users.

The configuration system is currently in use on the CRCnet network, and is still under active development as new improvement are added. The use of the configuration system has reduced the administrative burden for the CRCnet network (over 35 routers, and close to 100 end users) to less than 2-3 hours per week.

The CRCnet Configuration System is optimised for use with the CRCnet Biscuit PC Distribution (Based on Debian Sarge) which runs on Soekris small board computers.


The CRCnet configuration system consists of three components.

  • Configuration Server - The configuration server is a Python daemon which provides an XMLRPC interface for use by the User Interface and other network components. The configuration server implements the logic and enforces the policy set by the administrator for the network. The configuration server is also responsible for generating the configuration files for the network via a template engine and controlling CFengine to disseminate the configuaration to the network.
  • User Interface - The user interface is web based, written in PHP. The web interface communicates with the configuration server via the XMLRPC interface over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Configuration Distribution - The state of each device in the network is managed using a program called CFengine which pushes the configuration files from the configuration server out to the relevant device.

The configuration system is modular and allows for extra code to be easily added to deal with new configuration scenarios or services. Configuration information for network wide services, such as Nagios or MRTG is also able to be built via the CRCnet Configuration System saving hours of manual maintenance.


The latest release of the CRCnet Configuration System is the initial release, version 1.1. You can download it from the following URL:

See Installation for system requirements and details on what to do next.

Resources / Using this Site

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There are some Screenshots of the configuration system available.

Further Information

If you would like further information about the CRCnet Configuration System please contact:

Matt Brown
Email: matt@…
GSM: +64 21 611 544
Skype: mattb_nz

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